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By downloading and using this tool you agree to abide by the requirements of the GNU Public Licence under which the support facility is made available.

The tool uses the server portions of RealVNC Free edition v4.1.2 the full version of RealVNC may be obtained from

By downloading the tool you agree to the GNU Licence conditions.
By using the tool to obtain support you agree to pay RJ Barnett any professional fees levied in conjunction with use of the Remote Support Service.

I have read and accept the conditions listed above
I Decline

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The following third party resources are offered for download.
Use them if you wish, but please note the licence conditions with each application.

a Guide to using Movie Maker    free download - learn how to use thhis free software to mske your photos and videos look better

Bank online, email, chat - in safety Get free 30 day trial version of full AVG prodicts
Instructions on how to remove old AvtiVirus products
Mail Washer   from Filters Spam out before you download e-Mail
Visit   Mailwasher Pro available
Adobe PDF Reader   get the latest version of Adobe's Acrobat Reader
Non-Adobe PDF Reader   lighter, and faster than Adobe's - and no hard sell of other software
Avast! Home Anti Virus   Free Edition Antivirus program from Alwil Software with free updates ! for Private non-Commercial use ONLY
Free Editon AVG Anti Virus    Home users basic version from AVG with free updates !
for Private non-Commercial use ONLY
VNC Remote Control   Remote access software for your PC
Open Office 3    A free open source office suite Now Version 3- Word processor, Spreadsheet , Database, Presentations, Drawings etc.
Does everything that Microsoft office does - and file compatible with MS Office too - save a fortune